April 2013

Sunday 7 April (Easter II)

Choir on holiday



Sunday 14 April (Easter III)

10:00 Parish Eucharist

Organ voluntary          Tuba Tune – C.S. Lang


6:30 Evensong

Responses                   Ayleward

Psalm                           86

Canticles                     Gibbons Short Service

Anthem                       The Lord is my Shepherd – Goodall

Organ voluntary          Serenade – Bourgeois



Saturday 20 April

Choir sing in Norwich Cathedral



Sunday 21 April (Easter IV) (Choir and Adrian on holiday)

10:00 Parish Eucharist


6:30 Said Evensong



SUNDAY 28 April (Easter V)

Organ voluntary          Toccata in G – Dubois


6:30 Evensong (Ladies voices)

Responses                   Ferial

Psalm                           98

Canticles                     Morley

Anthem                       Give ear unto me - Marcello

Organ voluntary          Elegy - Darke

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