July 2013

JULY 2013

Sunday 7 July (Sea Sunday)

10:00 Choral Eucharist (at St Nicholas Chapel)
Setting                        Missa L’Hora Passa – Viadana
Motet                          Holy is the True Light – Shephard

6:30 Said Evensong
Organ voluntary          Aria – Jordan



Sunday 14 July (Trinity VII)

10:00 Parish Eucharist
Setting                         Ireland in C
Motet                          I sat down under his shadow – Bairstow

11:30 (Festival Service)
Responses                  Rose
Canticle                      Te Deum – Ireland in F
Anthem                      Expectans expectavi – Wood
Organ Voluntary         Toccata from Symphnoie No 5 - Widor


6:30 Said Evensong
Organ voluntary          Chorale Prelude on Eventide – Rowley



Sunday 21 July (Trinity VIII)

10:00 Parish Eucharist
Organ voluntary          Tocata from Dix Piéeces – Gigout

6:30 Choral Evensong
(Festival Evensong for the feast of St Margaret of Antioch)
Introit                         Hail Gladdening Light – Wood
Responses                   Rose
Psalm                           tba
Canticles                     Naylor in A
Anthem                       Beati Quorum via – Stanford
Organ voluntary          Toccata from Suite gothique – Boëllman



Choir on holiday from 28 July to 8 September

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